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    ACE-ID is a next-generation, handheld Raman identifier for explosives and precursors as well as narcotics and toxic chemicals. It identifies solids, powders, and water based solutions as well as performs mixture analysis. Utilizing Raman spectroscopy, ACE-ID enables non-contact analysis, yielding rapid results in seconds. Materials can be identified through translucent and semi-translucent containers such as plastic andglass. In addition, non-contact analysis is also supported by a software kit for remote operation.

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  • Tactical Electronics Tactical Inspection Kit

    Tactical Electronics Tactical Inspection Kit

    The Tactical Inspection Kit (TIK) includes multiple wireless camera systems and monitors to ensure that your tactical team has the equipment needed for every operation. This kit allows you to wirelessly inspect areas at a safe distance and gain reconnaissance for tactical planning. Kit Includes: Wireless Video Fiberscope Wireless Under Door Camera System Handheld Inspection Tool Long Pole Search System Wireless Wrist Mounted Monitor Wireless Handheld Monitor Wireless Video Fiberscope:

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    FEATURES: 4 camera systems and 2 monitors in one kit Easily deploy one or all camera systems from one case Lightweight and Highly Durable Wireless Transmission Hard wire option See 4 camera channels on 1 monitor Custom configurations available IN THIS KIT One: Video Fiberscope One: Under Door Camera One: Helmet Camera One: HHIT FLEX Inspection Tool One: Wrist Mounted Monitor One: Handheld Monitor One: Heads-up Display One: Monocular Micro Viewer One: Thermal Handheld Inspection Tool One: Long Pole Search System One: Thermal Camera Head for LPSS3

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  •  Range-R Handheld Through Wall Sensor

    Range-R Handheld Through Wall Sensor

    LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY – ID Check required before shipment When Every Second Counts L-3’s RANGE-R is a lightweight handheld radar system designed to detect people through walls. Within seconds, RANGE-R informs the user of the presence of moving or near-stationary personnel and the distance, or range, to the person. RANGE-R provides vital intelligence necessary to safely undertake a wide variety of law enforcement and search and rescue operations. Performance

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  • High Power Portable Bomb Jammer System

    High Power Portable Bomb Jammer System

    Bomb disposal squads, VIP protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), military security forces, bomb squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, border control units, checkpoint personnel, these types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from the deployment of any of these best-in-class portable RF jamming solutions. They can conduct the law enforcement process more effectively to reduce the chance that the criminals leak the information.

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  • High Power Handheld Signal Jammer

    High Power Handheld Signal Jammer

    Advantages: ● 6 bands High-power Multi-band Handheld jammer. ● With nylon cover, easy to carry.With internal battery. ● Configured to block 6 different frequency bands continuously or simultaneously. ● Total RF output power up to 4 watt. weight : 1.5 kg .Range : 5-20 m ●could be used directly in car , with car charger and AC charger. ● 2 Inside cooling fans and heat sink design ensure the device to work continuously. The device surface temperature does not exceed 40 ° C after long time working.

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  • Handheld Metal Detector

    Handheld Metal Detector

    Specifications 1.metal detector pinpointer 2.Portable and easy to operate 3.Audible& visual alarm 4.Anti-smoothy design 5.Quickly react pinpoint metal detector, metal detector pinpointers, Paremeters: Three-color LED indication Green LED = ON Amber LED = LOW BATTER Red LED = ALARM Battery Requirements:one 9V (included) Warranty:1 Year, Limited Parts/Labor Width:3.25" (8.3 cm) Thickness:4.1 cm tapered to 2.9 cm Length:22 cm Total Weight:.2 kg

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  • AV life detector inspection camcorder

    AV life detector inspection camcorder

    Features: 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD with 8pcs highlight white LED(3mm) 4 inch color TFT LCD screen, for real time video watching H.264 video compression, 720x480/640x480 video out Support Micro SD card up to 16GB With a 2.2m telescopic pole, and 2pcs 0.95m extention poles The length or the pole camera could adjust from 1.5m to 5m The front camera is connected with flexible modular hoses

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  • Wireless Signal Detector

    Wireless Signal Detector

    C3000-Plus is a professional anti-stealing recorded wireless handheld device. It can monitor and identify all wireless videotaping equipment that indoor and in-car quickly and efficiently , no matter how those videotaping equipments to camouflage themselves as anything(clothes, buttons, bags, mugs, books, etc.), even if the

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