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Life Detector
Life Detector
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Portable Life Detector
LifeCam, The Ultimate Victim Location System, is a state of the art technical search and rescue device designed to quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of victims of structural collapse and similar confined space rescue situations. The system combines a high resolution color video camera, sensitive search microphone, speaker, and light source into a fully articulating, remote controlled, telescoping probe. On-screen system status graphics insure that the operator can monitor the system without diverting either sight or attention from the search task.
The LifeCam comprises a telescopic boom with an infrared camera, able to turn through 360, fixed to the end and connected to a portable control box with a screen. With the LifeCam, it is possible to explore the ruins and communicate with a victim via the microphone incorporated in the camera. The LifeCam can be used :
- to rescue buried victims,
- for surveillance and maintenance of technical equipment,
- for inspecting loads (Customs and Excise, etc.),
- archaeological work, etc.
As recommended in the national reference guide, rescue clearance vehicles or teams must be equipped with at least one electronic visual search pack. Power supply :100/260V, 18V  1.66A, 50/60Hz Ship wt. 28 lbs.
Video camera : sensor 0.1lux black and white – infrared light (visibility 2m in complete darkness) – rotates through 360 – integrated microphone and speaker allow communication with trapped person
Stereo headset : equipped with a microphone – cable length 1.50m
Telescopic boom : – 3 sections giving a total length of 2m  equipped with 5m of cable
Screen : – TFT technology. LCD colour, 7 inch – operating temperature from -10 to +60C
Carrying case : – transport case with wheels – complies with standard MIL-STD 4150-J – weight 6.8kg
Battery : – 12V LI 4.5 Ah – intelligent charger – operating time : 4.5 hours – recharge time : 4 hours