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5000A Wireless Camera Hunter
5000A Wireless Camera Hunter
  • Style No. : HK-5000A
  • Brand : Hanker Defense
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Technical Specifications
Size : L230 * H145 * T65mm ( not including the receiving antenna length )
Weight: about 830g ( battery included )
Power supply: multi-plug charging adapter set
Battery life :
●fully charged can be used : 5 hours●removable battery , replace a good backup battery charge
Capture Band : ●1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, three bands
●  wider back crytic band back besides the three bands
Scan mode: seamless step level by step  band scanning
Control systems: ●professional video analysis, control system, unique on-screen menu mode
●Industrial RF wireless receiver and the seamless connection between decoder module and video

Display Screen : 5-inch high-resolution large-screen LCD color display for all formats of image

Image Display: Display NTSC, PAL, SECAM video system
Scan Display : Industry original dynamic display and storage of three scanning frequency
Band switch : ●capture the wireless camera dynamic state and storage  in time
●1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz , three bands true seamless switching in real-time
Monitor Display : ●Automatic switching capture scanning frequency
●original memory frequency and OSD control switching function
Audio demodulation frequency : ●1.2GHz band 6.0MHz →6.5MHz →5.5MHz
●2.4GHz band 6.0MHz →6.5MHz →5.5MHz
●5.8GHz band 6.0MHz →6.5MHz
Capture distance : radius 100m, based on the strength of the actual distance of the signal source and the environment , the real distance will be different
Power and battery
1 This product has a high-performance internal lithium battery , when fully charged, the device could be used 5 hours continuously under the working status   ;
2 When the weak warning lights ( the battery mark on the screen kept flashing  ) , please connect  charging adapter to charging immediately ;
3 charging in the off state need about eight hours to get in  fully charged state,  charging in the state of using device  , need 36 hours or even longer ;
4 If not using this product , please check whether the battery turned weak  every three months  . If the display weak warning shows, please connect the charging adapter , in order to maintain battery life.
5 lithium battery can be easily removed to replace , easy to maintain and expand power .
Method of use equipment 
Method of connect the antennae
After opening the box , put the antenna access into antenna interface
Operating Instructions
1 Long press the multifunction key / switch 2 seconds , the device prompts the system is on by momentary vibration in time , while the button prompts the system is on by spontaneous red light ;
2 When the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, the RF receiver module needs 2 seconds to warm-up , the system has preinstall the heat -up time automatically . When prompt "Are adjusting the RF recelive start ...", it shows the device is debug and preheat RF receiver module. Please wait for a moment patiently ;
3 Menu system is as follows:
Boot into the main interface
Detailed capture function
Capture Interface
Scan mode interface
Scan sensitivity setting interface
Fast Lock: the first level protection
Afer choose to enter this mode, the device will determine the possible wireless camera automatically   and make a list of the wireless camera to let the user to determine, select and video.
Half Auto Scan: second level protection
Afer choose to enter this mode, start 按键to determine  wireless cameras automatically , while allowing the user to use the  quick lock key to  judge , select and video. If the captured image is not clear , you can use the buttons to fine-tune : 按键
Auto Scan: third level protection
Afer choose to enter this mode, start 按键to determine  wireless cameras automatically and make a list of the wireless camera to let the user to determine, select and video. Work can be interrupted and select the operating that you need .
Video operation interface
System setting interface
Safety Precautions
Please read the following safety precautions carefully before using:
Please turn off the device immediately and unplug the power cord from the power outlet ifthe following occurs.
·Power cut or voltage instability .
·Machine emits unusual sound or smell.
·AC power cord is damaged.
·Equipment is damaged by drop or hit.
·Any liquid or objects have fallen within the enclosure.
·Do not use any power supply beside AC 220V, 50Hz .
·Do not damage or modify a random cable.
·Do not operate the equipment with wet hands , otherwise it would lead to electric shock easily.
·Do not use device in heavy rain , especially when there is lightning . Please unplug the power to prevent lightning strikes.
·Do not disassemble the device in any way , otherwise may cause electric shock or fire.
·Do not disassemble device in any way , it may cause electric shock or fire, all repairs should commission the professional and technical personnel.
·This device is only as an auxiliary tool for preventing the personal privacy or corporate secrets  abuse caused by wireless devices , but this device can not substitute for all monitoring equipment .
·Radio wave product may be affected by the environmental  , then have an impact on the device performance.
·Manufacturers and vendors would not be responsible for damage caused by improper use of the equipment .