Homeland Security Solutions
2016-02-14 21:27:08
Through out history, sovereign countries have always defended their borders and preserved order and safety internally against intruders and hostile elements that are trying to cause mayhem in their civilian population. Nevertheless, attempts were still made by these elements in order to hurt the casual life of the common citizens.
The defining events of 9/11 forever changed the traditional Defence & Law-Enforcement concepts and brought a new and rising term: Homeland Security. HLS includes a wide range of domestic security issues such as: Airport security, Harbors & Port security, Public transportation Security, Cargo inspection, Supply chain security, Infrastructure security, Perimeter security of sensitive facilities and governmental buildings, Civil defence, Police departments, Fire department, Search & Rescue units, Border control and the dominant fight against Domestic Terror.
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 Lawful Interception
Lawful Interception is the authorized operation of law enforcement authority taking on the telecom networks in the definite period for the purpose of crime investigation  by the warrant order from court based on law
There are 2 domains for LI deployment and operation based on ETSI standard:
A:Telecom service provider domain: target traffic intercept service with data access and delivery
B:Law enforcement authority domain: data collection and law enforcement management facility (LEMF)