Under Vehicle Inspection System Solution
2016-02-14 21:27:44
The HDT-S Series are advanced Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) by HDT, designed to provide a security solution for inspecting the most vulnerable part of a vehicle - the chassis. Objects may vary from explosives, drugs, merchandise and even in some cases the smuggling of human beings across borders or out of prison compounds.
The versatile view angle allows the user to verify from multiple angles the suspicious threat before actually having to physically reach the subject. In case of bomb squad technicians, being able to examine the object from a distance before having to physically deal with it could make the difference of life and death, as well as save the inconvenience of false alarms.
All data from the system can be recorded to the local DVR system for training and investigation uses. The data can be tied to a LPR system for better documentation.
•Capability to scan the vehicle while stationary
•View above strut bars and other vehicle components from multiple angles and magnification.
•Live color video feed for constant eye contact with suspicious objects until threat confronted
•System automatically scans chassis, using preprogrammed sequences or by user defined programs
•4 axis optical head unit
•High resolution camera with a powerful optical zoom
•Manual mode for suspicious objects
•Optional recording for training, investigation and documentation
•The operator may be as far as 1500 from subject
•Operator/Bomb squad technician may inspect objects from multiple angles before confronting them
•Easy to use, only 20 minute training needed.
•Simple - no use of computers
•Quick installation
Government Offices, Embassies, Oil and Gas Refineries/Storage Depots, Border Checkpoints, Correctional Facilities, Power Plants, Sporting Events, Conventions and other sensitive sites.
•Work temperature range: +5°f - +140°f (-15°c - +60°c)
•Monitor:17" LCD
•Auto scanning sequence controls Pan, Tilt, Zoom and conveyer
•TI-2500-S: 2ft.3in. x 8ft.2in. x 7 7/8in. (70x250x20 cm)
•TI-4000-S: 2ft.3in. x 13ft. x 7 7/8in. (70x400x20 cm)
•TI-2000-SM: 6ft.2in. x 19ft.8in. x 7 7/8in. (190x600x20 cm)
Including ramps (the TI-2500-S unit is planted in the ramp system). This mobile system comes on a trailer and includes a generator making it fully functional without any external needs.
•High resolution color camera
•4440,000 pixels, 530 TV lines
•36x optical auto focus zoom lens
•Wide dynamic range feature