EOD Robot Solutions
2016-02-14 21:29:06

The increasing bomb threats around the world are becoming more sophisticated to deal with. We supply only life-saving equipment that insures max efficiency for the toughest missions.
Hanker Defense offers different robot platforms from small to large sizes for bomb disposal squads, tactical teams, military EOD units and security authorities. These remotely operated robots can manage any array of hazardous threats and maneuver in extreme conditions and situations including vehicle bomb IED’s, improvised explosive devices and chemical & biological threats. Find out more about our robots
   Explosive Ordnance Disposal
   Route Clearance
   Vehicle-Borne IED
   Battlefield Casualty Extraction
   Chem-Bio Detection
   Building Clearance
   Target Acquistion
   Weaponized Mission
   High Reliability
   Fast Disposal
   Fast Response
   All-terrain and All-weather Adaptability
   Easy to Handle